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The history of KUNZ Packaging begins in 2008 with investigations regarding the interaction of plastic jerry cans with chemical mixtures. "In this proprietary 'packaging stress test' I looked at a lot of technical packaging and found the best-performing one to be a 6-layer sandwich technology with a barrier function."

Since the legislator requires the selection of a "suitable packaging" when selecting packaging, the liability risk lies with the company placing the product in the market and the person choosing the "suitable packaging".

I was always aware of this liability risk during my professional life in the chemical environment and it fueled my curiosity to search for the best packaging solutions for difficult substances. I brought this knowledge to KUNZ Packaging in 2010 and since then have been helping our customers to pack their products in the best possible way.

The mandatory storage tests with original customer products are of course not omitted by us either. We of course support the selection of suitable packaging and in many cases can offer a shortcut to time-consuming outsourcing tests.

This extensive knowledge is what distinguishes KUNZ Packaging from the classic packaging trade. We invest in our own tools and work with European producers to create barrier packaging with high performance requirements.

From a very early design stage, every step of the Dangerous Goods Approval process is monitored very closely to ensure that only forms which will pass with very good test results are presented for the Approval process. The result is today's range of barrier packaging from 750 ml to 30L.

Our commitment is to help to satisfactorily solve the issues of diffusion and shelf life with our customers, while at the same time providing a sustainable packaging solution. Let´s move towards this future together!


Matthias Kunz

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