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​Our customers mainly use the packaging for strongly diffusing substances.

When developing our barrier packaging, we aim to reduce product loss between filling, storage and use to as little as possible, and this helps our customers to conserve resources.

The use of our packaging as reusable packaging has been used successfully for many years in the printing ink industry, for example. This means that our 20 liter KP LightCan20 packaging can be used for up to 5 years for dangerous goods and beyond that as reusable packaging.

Colorful masterbatches help with the later recycling of the packaging. The color black is established in many industries, but has the disadvantage that sorting systems cannot recognize the color black. As a result, valuable raw materials often end up in thermal incineration instead of in new products. With such a simple color change from black to another, lighter shade, our customers can start thinking about tomorrow today.   

When manufacturing our multi-layer packaging, all production waste is granulated while still hot and reintroduced as recyclate in a middle layer of the packaging.

In the future, we will endeavor to qualify further recyclates available on the market in order to produce even more resources sparingly. The national authorities and approval bodies are currently examining whether recyclates can also be used for dangerous goods packaging.

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